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Starting a business is easy, but it's not simple.


Startup Legends brings together seven industry leaders to map out in detail what you need to know to start your business the right way, the first time.


Everything from creating your company core values to financing and building or repairing your credit to contracts and payment processing, they've got you covered.


The Startup Legends have all grown multiple 7-figure businesses from the ground up. They've made the mistakes and learned the lessons, and now they're sharing those experiences with you.


This book will help you avoid the mistakes new business owners and entrepreneurs make and get you started on the right foot.



Ultimate Networking Machine is not your typical networking book.


Networking is hands down the most valuable activity we can master in building a business. No matter where you go in your entrepreneurial path whether in building multiple businesses, making shifts in careers or diving into any new venture, your network can and will always go with you. (Given you build it and take care of it the right way).


While there are specific strategies laid out in this book that will lead you to a wealthy network and much more wealth in your life… you must be able to tap into the true power of WILLINGNESS in order to build the right network that you can, in turn, tap into to build amazing things in your life.


There are many things we must be strategic about in building the right network, but the most powerful strategy must be in developing YOU and who you are. The most amazing networkers in the world don't seek out amazing people in their network. They attract amazing people to them. That is exactly what The Ultimate Networking Machine is all about.


By applying the principles this book teaches, you will become an absolute machine at building success by bringing the right people into your world.

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You will inevitably take some bad decisions on your business journey. However, you can easily avoid the crucial mistakes most other entrepreneurs make in the very early stages of setting up their business.

These initial oversights can be catastrophic for your new business – and they all stem for a lack of knowledge about money.


My name is Kale Goodman, and I wrote this eBook to help you prevent making these early foundational errors that seriously impact your business success. I’m one of the co-founders of Easier Accounting. Yes, my business is a tax and accounting firm, but I’m also an entrepreneur. I have consulted thousands of start-up owners over the last 15 years, helping them set up their ventures successfully and helping their businesses thrive.

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